On-U Sound are proud to unveil an epic 14 minute visual journey through the Science Fiction Dancehall Classics compilation created by Trevor Jackson. The album comes with extensive text by Steve Barrow, co-author of the acclaimed ‘Rough Guide to Reggae' and features Dancehall classics throughout - capturing the vibrant, globally influential and yet rarely documented culture that has been mixing music, fashion and lifestyle with attitude since its inception.
The two compilations to be dubbed 263 Reggae Explosion and 263 Ragga Explosion will also contain best commercial radio hits from both established and upcoming artists with a blend of exclusive picks from both ZRP brain trust of the ultimate summer and winter Zimbabwe Reggae and Ragga experience respectively.

The Annual Ragga Ragga Ragga Series will feature some of Jamaica's biggest dancehall hits like Spice's So Mi Like It”, and Vibe Kartel's Punanny A Mi Best Friend.” It also will be featuring some of Jamaican's best emerging artists like Don Husky, Radijah, and Alkaline.
When I was a student I started listening to Reggae pirate radio stations which played continuous dance-hall DJ mixes, and then began collecting Dancehall compilation LPs, even DJed dancehall a bit at parties, and incorporated some of the ragga rhythms into music of the bands I was playing with at the time.
Throughout the Redman's catalogue, all of the songs and rhythms were basically created to target patrons at various dancehall venues as he was originally a sound system man. Watch How the People Dancing: Unity Sounds from the London Dancehall 1986-1989 is a compilation album released on 28 January 2003 through Honest Jon's record label.

Autoban Riddim features some of Dancehall's biggest names; Beenie Man, Konshens and Bounty Killer. This is very common in the dancehall and reggae, to use an existing riddim in order to compose a new track. Known to break the latest tracks and hottest new artists - Ragga Ragga Ragga series celebrates 15 years as the definitive compilation for fans of underground and breaking dancehall hits.
Rights groups have demanded that concerts featuring artists such as Buju Banton, Bounty Killer and Elephant Man be cancelled because their songs advocate MGR Dancehall Allstar Vol1 violence against gays. Listening to this compilation one may be taken back to Dancehall rhythms of the 90s that put you in a party mood.
The EP by King Doudou has the originality to include versions, a term referring to instrumental versions” of the tracks, so without the singing. An iconic independent label that nurtured a homegrown roster of reggae talent, Fashion rode the wave of '80s dancehall in the UK, dipping into the sweet sound of lovers rock and dub on the way.

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